Wafer Inspection Systems Refurbished, Calibration Standards... and more

At Brumley South, Inc., we understand the urgency for timely repairs when your wafer inspection tool is down, and we have the experience, knowledge, customer service and staff to help put out the “fire” quickly when you are in a critical situation. 

With more than 35 years of combined experience in wafer robotics and the remanufacturing of metrology equipment, we offer complete solutions with just one phone call.  



How Can We Help You?

We offer full refurbishment, solid warranties, installation and application training by experienced Engineers.  

If you are on the job, so are we.

You’ll have a direct line to our engineers experienced in resolving time-intensive emergencies. 

What We Do Best

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Happy Customers

I always feel confident that I am getting great service and straightforward diagnostics without the worry of being sold something I do not really need.  I also love that I can give Brumley a call and they will even help me troubleshoot over the phone or e-mail.  This has saved a lot of extra shipping and down time

Nuvotronics, Inc.

Thank you for all of your help with diagnosing and solving our Surfscan problems.  I truly appreciate the customer service you provide and continue to look forward to working with you.

Sylarus Technologies